LUX hand-poured candles are made in Des Arc, Arkansas from a blend of the highest quality, fully-refined paraffin and vegetable waxes. Formulated to deliver a high concentration of 15% fragrance oil, our candles are unmatched in aroma and burn time. LUX utilizes premium tempered glass intended specifically for candle use in addition to cotton wicks with zinc cores.
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Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting Tips
Q: What type of wax is used in LUX candles?
A: LUX uses a proprietary blend of the finest quality, fully-refined paraffin and vegetable waxes as these waxes retain a higher fragrance load than soy candles. While soy candles are known as “greener” in the candle market they tend to release an odor that is difficult to mask and cannot hold the amount of fragrance as LUX paraffin and vegetable wax candles. LUX candles are formulated to layer oils in an innovative method, flooding the home with unadulterated fragrance.
Q: What type of wick is used?
A: LUX uses cotton wicks with zinc cores at varying levels of thickness depending on the size of the candle.
Q: What is the expected burn time?
A: When properly burned, LUX candles with 1 wick will burn for 8-10 hours per candle ounce. This is twice  as long as most other candles on the market and the fragrance lingers long after the candle has been extinguished. The multiple wick candles will burn faster due to more flames creating more heat. 
Q: What is meant by “highly fragranced candle?”
A: Most scented candles on the market contain between 3% and 6% fragrance oils while LUX candles contain between 12% and 15% fragrance oils. The higher percentage of oil is what allows LUX candles to quickly flood a room with a fragrance that lingers for hours.
Q: What causes candles to smoke?
A: All highly fragranced candles will smoke if the candle is not properly maintained while burning. By simply keeping your wick trimmed to a short 1/4 inch length you will avoid smoking and black residue on the side of the glass. Proper maintenance will also increase your burn time and preserve the purity of the fragrance.
Q: My candle has burned a hole down the middle and will not relight. How did this happen and can it be fixed?
A: A hole may form if the candle has been repeatedly extinguished before the wax has liquefied all the way across the top layer. LUX candles must be burned for at least 3 to 4 hours to allow the wax to completely liquefy across the top. If you burn the candle for only a short period each day, you will create a ring or small well of wax that does not extend to the edge of the glass. Over time, this will burn a hole down the middle of the candle. To repair the candle, use a spoon to remove the wax until the wax level is at least a 1/4 inch below the wick. If you plan to burn the candle longer than 3 to 4 hours, just trim the wick and relight.
The wooden dough bowls are handmade of raw wood so no two are alike and vary in shape and size as well as may contain scratches, knots, small cracks and other irregularities.
The wood bowls are pre-treated with a flame retardant, sealed with a thin hard coating of wax on the bottom layer and have extended metal wick tabs to keep the wicks from burning all of the way to the bottom. 
Due to the multiple wicks, these candles will burn faster with the heat generated from the multiple flames. 
Remember to trim the wick to 1/4" and don't burn more than a few hours before trimming and relighting. This will increase your burn time and help prevent smoke and overheating that can cause the candle to crack or combust. 
   Do not burn candles in a draft.
It is unsafe and can also cause the candles to burn unevenly.
Place candles on a hard, flat surface or tray that will not be damaged by heat, flame, smoke and/or if the glass or bowl breaks and the wax leaks or spills. Do not burn candles near furniture, drapes, carpet, paper or anything that could catch fire or be damaged if the candle cracks or breaks due to heat, smokes or catches fire.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.